Red Velvet Ant  Or Cow Killer Ant

Red Velvet Ant Or Cow Killer Ant

Definition: The wingless female of certain wasps of the family Mutillidae, especially the large red and black ant (Dasymutillaoccidentalis) which has severe stings, the females have a large sting, a modified egg-laying organ called an ovipositor. Therefore, they inflict an unbearable sting when touched or stepped on, which is why they are called cow killers….

The Black Garden Ant

The Black Garden Ant

The black garden ant (Lasius niger), commonly called the common black ant, is a formicine ant that may be discovered across Europe, as well as portions of North America, South America, Asia, and Australasia. Black garden ant colonies can grow to 40,000 individuals in extreme situations, although 4,000–7,000 is the usual size. The black garden…

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Our local red squirrel and introduced brown squirrel in the UK. The latest black squirrel, which is different from the gray squirrel, has been seen in many South countries of the UK. Since the introduction of the gray squirrel in the 19th century, the red has suffered serious decline and now in the UK’s small…

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Squirrels belong to the Omnivores family that they are fond of meat and plant. Normally they eat approximately 1Kg food per week. Nuts are one of their favorite meal and they also prey on small caterpillars, insects, animals, and even young snakes. Some facts about squirrels; Squirrels are very conscious about their food so they…


I Adore cats

Cat, (Felice Cats), home cat or domestic cat, family Felda, order career, and the smallest member of this family are also called the housewife. Like all the Felods, domestic cats are characterized by minimal slag bodies, thin mold heads, long-term balance, and special teeth and pandas that are compatible with their active hunting life. …..

All You Need To Know About Krait snake

Krait?, (genus).BungarusAny of the 12speciesThe cobra family is home to highly venomous snakes (Elapidae. Kraits are found in Asian forests and on farmland. Pakistan southern china and southward intoIndonesiaThey are. They feed mainly on terrestrial snakes, but they also eat small mammals and frogs. Kraits are nocturnal hunter and can be dangerous to humans if they are stepped on…

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Do squirrels eat meat?

Are squirrels allowed to eat meat? Squirrels are nut- and acorn-chasing hoarders and will raid your birdfeeder if you’re not looking. Many professionals consider squirrels herbivores. What about those times when there aren’t any vegetables? Do squirrels eat meat in this instance? This article will help you answer that question and provide a more detailed look at the squirrel diet….

Where do pigeons roost?

You’ve probably lived in a city and seen pigeons everywhere. Pigeons will wait for you to leave, begging for food and water. It is impossible to get rid of them so we must learn to live with them. While learning more about them, one of the most common questions is “Where do pigeons rest?” This article will answer…

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Rabbits make adorable, fuzzy little friends. Rabbits make wonderful pets and make the best television and storybook characters. They are also adorable to watch hop to and from. It’s not all giggles and hops with rabbits. Rabbits can cause havoc in your garden and flower beds by getting into your plants. They can also destroy your petunias…

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When closely related species overlap, the competition for scarce food resources can be fierce. Addi ho is a Ph.D. student at the British Antarctic Survey, is linked to the University of Exeter (World Wide Fund for Nature) and Addi ho . Her research focuses on how climate change affects interactions between sympatric Antarctic penguin species, and how to…