Our local red squirrel and introduced brown squirrel in the UK. The latest black squirrel, which is different from the gray squirrel, has been seen in many South countries of the UK.

Since the introduction of the gray squirrel in the 19th century, the red has suffered serious decline and now in the UK’s small pockets, is found in Scotland. On the contrary, the red squirrel is widely wide in Europe. Here in the UK lack of red lacking factors include squirrel pyrex virus, which has no trouble in red squirrels. Gray scars are also large and more ads applicable and compete for food and area. In recent years, there has been a demand to control the population of Gray, especially pushed back to the border areas. The problem is that if you trap the gray squirrels, it is illegal to release them in the wild in another location because they are classified as turmeric. Therefore, once again the same legal option shoots the gray squirrel.

The Gray squirrel  (Scientific Name Sciurus carolinensis)

The gray squirrel is well known as it is widely in British gardens and parks. Some consider this an athletic and entertaining little creature, but it can definitely be a great delicate in the garden, especially if you are a bird’s boyfriend. The gray squirrel is very bold and similarly to bird tables learns to eat and destroy bird feeders. Instead, you can buy them specially designed squirrel feeders and squirrel foods to keep them happy and healthy.

Distributions: Related to North America. Introduced to UK, Ireland, and South Africa Reservation

Description: Dense and silver-gray with brown ting with the middle of the winter fur. Summer fur yellow is brown. White interior. Bushi, gray tail. Ear without tufts.

Size: Head and body about 25 – 30cm; Tail about 20 – 25cm. Weight: 350-600 grams.

Duration of life: Some live for 10 years in the wild although only more than 3-4 years management.

Food: Hazelnuts, acorns, beech boss, tree bark, fingerprint, buds, leaves, shoots, flowers; Eggs and teens will also raid the bird’s nests.

Population: Gray Squirrel has first introduced to the UK as well as a fashion as Woburn in Bedfordshire like the country’s estate and parks. After many releases and escapes, the gray population increased dramatically at the beginning of this century. Today the Gray Squirrel is most famous and often seen in the UK, with an expected population of 2.5 million in the UK.

Daily life of a gray squirrel

The gray squirrel is the most active in Dawn and afternoon, finding food available. In comparison to the Red Squirrel, more time is spent than trees and feeding more time. It is also very upset in the trees and can walk with thin legs out of the tree. Long, muscle hand legs and short front legs help her jump. More than Hindus feet long, are already double joint to help squirrel stimulation head under the tree trunk. The high-speed muscle adhesive is useful for the roof and the tail squirrel helps balance. If a squirrel falls, it can safely go to the ground with heights of approximately 9 meters (30ft). The gray squirrel can jump over 6 meters!

The good eyes of the squirrels are good and often sit on the vantage point to see them. They have a deep sense of smell!

The gray squirrel makes himself about a nest or draws football size. Made of triggers, often associated with leaves. It is made of enough trees and is arranged with dry grass, pieces, mas, and wings. One summer dar is usually very bright and is listed between small branches. Sometimes squirrels can make your nest in a hollow trunk or take on a robot’s nest, throw the ceiling for it. A squirrel can make many drowses.

Gray squirrels have a wide range of calls including regional ceiling or ‘quacking’ noise. However, they mainly communicate through their tail, use them as a signaling device; Then swinging their tails if they are unwanted or suspicious. Regular routes are attached to urine and odor. Squirrels identify each other, and by eating, by smell.

The gray squirrel is not hibernated during the winter because it can not store enough for a long time without eating. Winter cold months are built a big, thick winter dra to survive, usually on a strong branch near the trunk. The squirrel will lie in the desert in very cold weather, now coming out, and then finds hidden stores is buried in the fall. The stored nuts are spread instead of in the same cache and are found by the smell instead of memory. Often they are not getting everything and afterward, can help the trace dispersion. Winter drives often share heat. As it sleeps, the squirrel curls her tail around her body to work as a blanket.

The race habits of squirrels
At the end of the winter, squirrels have probably seen teachers, one, or more, surrounded men who pursue a woman through a tree or ground. Women can only get twice in the year, but men can get at any time. After meeting, men do not have any part in the back of their youth.

The woman uses winter dre as a maternity nest or makes a new one. He gives it to the lines with a soft substance and in March / April, perhaps in March / July, after the period of six weeks indicating (between meeting and birth).

An average litter is 3 children but 9 as 9 can be created. Mother naked, blind young every three or four hours go for several weeks. They eat slowly, their eyes were open and on the eighth week, they follow their mother on branches. Graduation they eat solid foods and their teeth are completely extended, in 10 weeks, they spread. One month or later I moved the nest to the nest to build their own dre. If there are many screenshots in three areas, the young man is close; If it is crowded then they will be chased to see less crowded fields. The first time gray squares generation at the age of one.

Gray squirrel and UK wildlife risks
Since their neutral release has been counted, the gray squirrels have spread and spread and now we are trying to control their number. Invasive gray squirrels threatened the birds on local red squirrels, trees, and the edge of our wood.

Forestry, Gamakers, Park Capers, and many protections are considered insects to brown squirrels, mainly because of the trees. Young nails (sometimes rare species) are destroyed and hard wooden trees, such as batches and skies rods, to get the nutritious paper. The raw scarf left on the trunk encourages the fungal attack and its growth can increase.

The growing evidence here is that the gray squirrel is influencing the population of local woodland birds in three ways. First of all the eggs and guards eat the birds like open nests using open nests like birds and toes and nest boxes. Secondly, squirrel uses ideal nest places that occur by birds such as Tawny Owl, Kestrel, Jackdaw, Stock Doo, and Staring. In some areas, this ha daughter reported that squirrels can take these useful nesting sites completely to prevent the generation of tools. Third, then eat the same meal. The squirrels took a bird shop of winter food items and their diet means they are in the store directly in the store, such as breakfast, hook find and belfich. Most the red Squirrels eat meat

In many forest areas, the gray squirrel population is controlled by trapping and shooting. Gamers shoot squirrels on private estates. It is in order to import, import, and release brown squirrels in the UK, as long as you do not have a special license from the Foreign Ministry or Scotland Secretary of Scotland. Forestry Commission and the National Trust also put the network and shot squirrels and sometimes they put on the menu! The squirrels ate a lot in the past and now they are returning to the menu at some places including London’s top restaurant.

Black squirrel

The black squirrel is SP specifications as gray, but with the innovation of Jane who controls the coat – their black coloring increases. The black squirrel was first recorded in the UK in 1912, but Bedfordshire is limited to the countdown of Hertfordshire and Cambridge. It strongly shows that all UK’s black squirrels imported from the United States to imported the original black squirrels from a private Megrey in the century. As they are the challenge of the planet, the gray squirrels and black squirrels can interfere and create mineral generations with black colors made in the dominant genre. The black color is generally known as Melanism from the Greek meaning ‘black color’. Melanism occurs in other species such as black paint and geography and enables an adaptable reaction to better umbrella and survival in the environment.

Red squirrel (Scientific Name Scoros Vulgaris)

The Red Squirrel Beatx Potter Fame is the original ‘squirrel Nitkin’ and was widely in the UK till 1940. Since then, they have suffered a sharp reduction, now being ranked as dangerous species. The Wildlife World Red Squirrel creates nest boxes that are designed specifically to ensure that the occupation is protected from birds like pine Martin.

Distribution: Scotland, Wales, Ireland: A few residents in England – Isle of Vit, Brants in Pool Port, Theft Jungle in Morphic. Widely in the rest of Europe.

Habitat: Scotland and Wales’s Conference forests; Mixed woodland in England and Ireland.

Description: Bushi tail; Ear tuffets; The color of the coat in adults can vary from cream through all colors of red and gray. Ear tiffs and tail can bleach in summer cream.

Size: head and body up to 24 cm, tail up to 20 cm, weight up to 350 g.

Life period: approximately 3 years, but it is possible for 7 years.

Food: Seeds of a wide variety of trees, buds, shoots, flowers, beer, nuts, chicken, and fungi. Red Squirrels eat birds eggs Mostly

Population: 120,000 in Scotland, in 3000 Wales, and in 15,000 England.

Red squirrel behavior

Region: Red Squirrel’s favorite resort is a large, adult Scottish pine wood, but they will also live in the petals too. Squirrel in branches forks mostly high eternal and nest, build drivers. Often two or three drivers are in use at any time; It depends on the squirrel’s limit, besides each other may be close together. Men can stay in the area of ​​17 hectares (34 football pitches). Winter and every age spring squirrels and both men and women can share dresses in men and women but see them as well. They know each other. DR sharing is usually spring and summer when women are raising their youth.

Daily Life: The Red Squirrel is counted and most active for the day, often until it reaches the dark, just for an afternoon rest. They need natural hunters so the risk of being in daylight can be taken. They spend their maximum time from fox and birds from birds. Then on the ground for short spells, especially in autumn when they collect acorns, Beach Messes, and other nuts to store for winter.

The squirrels caught the food innings. The favorite food is pine cones; They cut scales from cones to get seeds. The ground under a pine tree should be hanged with chewed cones and scales. You can buy squirrel food and squirrel feeds from the world of wildlife, which can prove to be very popular with squirrels! When they are not feeding or relaxing, they are rabbits (Hey we really cover in fleas!) And washing.

Winter: Autumn red squirrels eat more and more because they can put on fat reserves for winter. Then put around 12% of body weight in autumn fat, such as can put more than 25% like a brown squirrel.

Breed: The season in January starts in hot days, chasing each other by branches. The female red squirrel can create two lepers in a good, a spring (April) and summer (August). Three, average, three children are in a liter. The generation of generation is usually slightly larger than normal with a thick, soft, gas lining. The young people are blind and naked. If he gets damaged, they will take children into his mouth, one one, to the other nest, which is sometimes far away.

As young development, more than the female drees spend time, and at the age of three weeks, they can leave for several hours at a time. The boy does not take the young man.

Starts to remove the young nest in seven weeks and for eight to ten weeks they are filled and free. Change their hungry, black baby coat adult color.

The number of children created the success of the race season was born and elevated, depending on the seeds of key trees where you live. There are many acorns, pine cones,s, etc. There are many body fat of squirrels and many living in many winter good conditions. It means and will start to grow behind the early generation and many children in the next year. In a year, there is a lack of tree seeds, squirrels are not sub-subtle on thicker and they die remote or disease during the winter. Most survivors are not fair enough to race successfully.

Red squirrel protection
A lot of information about red squirrels will be obtained through careful observation in the wild. Thus, we may be able to decide that they have dramatically and exercising methods. Someone may have to provide extra food ration to help them on bad wafers. Another way, as with Otter, their capture can be re-introduced in their generation and some safe, appropriate places.

Two new-generation enclosures were opened for Red Squirrel in November 2012. These two sites increase the number of more than 10 generations in the bid to increase the red squirrel population. These control areas, allow squirrel squirrels and other complaints to separate squirrels. For more information, see Red Squirrel Survival Trust and UK Red Squirrel Group websites.


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