Animal Restaurant How To Upgrade Promotion

Players can upgrade the Promotion level by tapping on the upgrade icon aka the green arrow in the speaker. You can't buy Memories Record Player because you don't have TV Promo, which is a requirement.26-Mar-2021,

What do bells do in animal restaurant?

Sakura will only drop from the Wishing Well from March to May every year, or using a seasonal wallpaper from the Signature Store. Can be obtained from the Gachapon or Mysterious Merchant.

How do you attract town customers to the animal restaurant?

Bells can be used to buy items from the Signature Store.

How do you increase star rating in animal restaurant?

These customers are generally infrequent or rare and can only be attracted with TV Promotion or a higher level promo method.

What should you upgrade in animal restaurant?

Increase Rating / Earning Stars Purchasing new items, including facilities or recipes will increase your rating. Receiving letters and mementos will automatically increase your star rating. Promoting staff will increase your rating.

How do you get promos in animal restaurant?

Terrace PromonnPlace a restaurant ad in a local magazine. Place a restaurant ad in a regional magazine. Place a restaurant ad in a national magazine.