Are worms Insects?

Earthworms are decomposers in nature which means they are used to break down the organic matter into the fundamental nutrients for the soil and they are also used to eat the dead organic matter like feces and so many other things. Worms could be beneficial and harmful also but it depends on whether these worms are native inhabitants of your area or not.

Are worms insects?                                         

This is confusion among people that warms our insects but the reality is something different.  They are totally different from each other because they belong to different classes. They come in the same Kingdom animal that’s why people get confused that they are the same species.  If we compare the insects with earthworms, are present without backbone but the insects have their exoskeleton this is another difference between insects and worms which is showing that they are not the same but totally different from each other.

Types of Worms                                                      

There are three major types of worms according to the habitat in which they live.

  • Epigeic worms
  • Endogeic worms
  • Anecic worms

There are three categories of earthworms. They are divided according to the habitat in which they live such epigeic worms live on the upper surface of the land they do not penetrate inside the soil that’s why they are being taken as useless forms for the gardeners.

This is the reason that they used to throw all these worms away from the garden because there are not many- benefits to the plants and soil. Endogeic worms used to live under the surface of the soil and are taken as very much beneficial for the plants and for the fertility of the land.  In the old ages people used to kill and used to apply so many methods to kill these worms but in the current period of time people do not allow anybody to kill these worms because these ones are so much important in the better growth of the plants and in the fertility of the lands.

And your’ frequently asked questions are worms insects is absolutely wrong because they are totally different from each other.  Anecic worms used to live on the upper side of the land they live under the soil but at the upper level in search of food.

Benefits of worms                                            

Worms are not many beautiful creatures to each humans love but they are so much beneficial for us and also deeply a very important role in our ecosystem from which we can directly get benefits. Are worms insects are totally inappropriate, their kingdom is the same but the class is different.

As Charles Darwin said that there are so many animals present on the earth under the earth but no one can give more benefits and are more beneficial than the worms and the other ones.

Charles Darwin wrote a book in 1881 with the title “The Formation of Vegetable Mould through the Action of Worms”. At that time this book was one of the best sellers books Darwins and everyone was shocked because this book was the best seller and the copies of this book were sold more than the bestselling book on the origin of species which was also very much familiar and famous among the readers but this book was on trend at that time. After reading this book your question are worms insects will become very clear in front of you.

 Improvement in Soil Nutrition                              

Earthworms usually feed on decomposed organic matters like decompose leaves manure and dead plants roots also.  Art forms usually eat these kinds of things organic matter and then they convert this organic matter into a concentrated material in their digestive system and then they release it into the soil.

These casts are rich in nutrients so beneath the soil surface when they will release these nutrients rich costs. Then it will surely go to make the soil more fertile also and these nutrients will be absorbed by the roots of the plants and then this way they will grow much better in a better way than before and this way we can see that Art forms improve the soil nutrition quality. According to research that is worms and insects is totally wrong assumption.

According to research and studies, it is being shown that the soil excreted by the digestive system of earthworms will be five times richer in nutrition, especially in nitrogen than the soil which is not being digested.  And through this phenomenon, they also spread fertilizers to those areas those portions of the land which is not much fertile and the best thing about earth warms is that they will never feed on live plants and on the roots also.

So if there are worms in your garden or in your agricultural lands then you don’t need to worry about that because they will never ever going to destroy your crops and your plants. They will provide the necessary nutrients to the plants and in this way, your garden will be greener than ever.

Decaying of organic matter                                  

The worms  Feed on decaying and rotten  Organic materials and  The other micro life also depends on the  Soil excreted by the earth forms bacteria and fungi usually used to thrive on that nutrient-rich soil and in this way it is playing an important and very much crucial role in our ecosystem which is actually balancing our ecosystem.

The soil containing the cast of the earth warms is a thousand times more beneficial for the bacteria as compared to that land in which worms casts are not present. Insects don’t like to eat such things that is one of the reasons that they are different from worms, so I totally disagree with worms insects.

Improvement in soil structure                             

Through research, it is proved that the earth warms and increases the quality of soil by adding nutrient-rich casts.  They make burrows  Into the soil so which air can reach the roots of the plants through which they can grow very well in a better form in this way it also enhances the growth of plants and through that burrows  The water and fertilizers can easily reach the roots of the plants and  It also allows the ventilation process through which the air can easily get access towards the roots of the plants and in this way, they become better and grow very well. Are worms insects? NO! They are different in nature.

And this ventilation process is also so much useful for all the other living organisms which are actually living under the soil and plays an important role in balancing our ecosystem.

Food source for predators                                

Worms are a great source of food for many predators who depend on them. Such as many birds and other predators which love to depend upon worms will vet decline in their absence. That’s why it is very much important to keep them alive. We should never ever try to kill them. Are worms insects? It is proving wrong because we know that insects cannot give such benefits to us.  If their numbers will decrease then those species which rely on them will automatically start decreasing.

Species of Earthworms                                        

There are 27 species of earthworms in the UK and on the other hand 182 in North America.  Most of the time people import and export these ones for different purposes like fishing bait but they can also harm our ecosystem most of the time these non-native earthworms become invasive and this is the most dangerous thing for our ecosystem because they can destroy our ecosystem also. Are worms insects? This is the most confusing question in the current period of time. They are not similar at all.

If we compare the native earthworms with those non-native earthworms the native earthworms are so much beneficial to the ecosystem they maintain our ecosystem in the best and a better way and make our soil more fertile and help the plants to grow in a much better way. Are worms insects?

 Read head worms                                                

These are the native warms of Western Europe and it could become so much dangerous to take these worms into another continent because they will become invasive species at that place and it will surely going to destroy your Ecosystem also. Are worms insects? Their kingdom is the same but they are different. After the destruction, it will become a massive problem for you to take that destroyed echo system back into its balanced position.  They will destroy the plants also and destruction will automatically destroy the ecosystem because those living organisms will also get affected when these bombs will affect the production of nutrients rich casts.

Common earthworms                                       

These are the most common form of earthworms they usually use for the fish bating they are the native to Western Europe. Are worms insects? They moved towards the other continents through the transportation of the plants also they also play an important role in balancing the echo system because many predators like foxes birds and shrews depend on them and used to eat them.