One of the Beautiful Birds Cormorants

A vertebrate animal having feathers, wings, and the ability to fly freely is called a bird. There are almost 1000 species of birds out there and they are almost different from each other by having different characteristics. Cormorants are aquatic birds, they have the ability to swim due to webbed feet.

They like to eat the fishes from the oceans and the seawater, they have adopted this ability to fly and swimming. They use to walk on their webbed feet to walk and due to this, the people think that have broken legs.


They used to fly near the surface of the water to hunt the fishes and to spread their wings properly. These are rare birds because not every bird has the ability to fly like them

Where are these birds found?

These birds were found on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and there were also found on the different islands. They like to live near the ocean because they used to hunt the fishes.

Most of the time few of them like to live on the trees by making their nests there. And the rest of them used to live on the seashores or on the cliffs. They like to live in the form of groups. They also hunt in a huge group of hundreds.

Cormorants are seen as birds or not?

They live on the seashores and the researchers have been shown that these large dark birds are the water birds. It means that yes they are the sea birds. They also move away from that areas but in very rare cases.


Almost all the time they use to live on the seashores. The main reason behind this is that they hunt fishes and due to this they like to live on the cliffs and on the shores by making their nests.

Is it good to eat a cormorant?

There are two different situations here, some people avoid eating these birds because according to them these are tough to eat and digest. This is because their meat is very tough and they are also rare to find near population.


On the other hand, some people love to hunt and eat them. And they are the favorite dish of some people. They used to hunt them and serve them to their loved ones as a gift. Because they are very rare to find and when they found them then they present to their surrenders as a gift.

Do Cormorants eat snakes?

These are the marine birds and they like to eat fishes and eels but they also used to eat the other marine livings. Some of them also eat the snakes from the water. When they dive in the water to hunt then they used to eat almost every living being.

And this is also one of the reasons that the people don’t like to eat them because they eat snakes and they are poisonous to eat and could harm the human digestive system. It’s all upon you to eat them or not but it doesn’t mean that those animals who eat the snakes can harm you because you have already eaten so many livings who also use to eat the snakes.

Can these aquatic birds live on the lakes and fish farms?

It would be so much dangerous for that place where they will be because research has been shown that these birds can eat almost one and a half-pound of fish per day.


They live in the flock of thousands and they can destroy the whole livings of the lake and the fish farm. They will eat thousands of pounds of fish in just a few minutes so it is totally dangerous to have them around you.

Why do people want to get rides from aquatic birds?

The aquatic birds are very destructive and the main reason behind their destruction is that they used to fly in the group of thousands so wherever they go they destroy everything.

That’s why they want them away from their surroundings. They can destroy a whole fish farm in just a few minutes. And no one can bear such a massive loss. That’s why they keep them away by hunting or by making noise.

What is the majority color of the cormorants?

There are different species of cormorants but the majority of them have brown and black color. And you have seen their pics already, you will notice that the majority of them have the black color.

And their body is naturally made in a stream form which helps them to dive in the water and to swim underwater for a long time. They use their webbed legs to swim.

What does the flock of these birds call?

They are famous for their group flying, they like to hunt and to fly in groups of thousands. When they fly they make the sky covered by their numbers, and look like clouds on the sky.


And their flock is called the “gulp”. Some people also called them a type of ducks but this is not true. They are totally different from the ducks. They have webbed legs but it doesn’t mean that they are ducks.

And due to their webbed feet, they look like ducks when they walk but the researchers have been proved that they are not ducks. They are totally different from the other birds. They are especially aquatic birds that don’t resemble any of the other types of birds.

Shags are different or similar to these birds?

They are the most confusing birds which confuse the researchers because of their similarity with the other aquatic birds. Their body structure and the color almost everything looks similar to them except few ones.

Like the beaks of the shags are delicate in comparison with the beaks of the cormorants. They have compact beaks and they hunt by using their beaks also. They are very rare animals. And the governments should ban their hunting because they are very alluring birds and we have to protect these species.