How much does a polar bear weigh

The polar bears are the most powerful and the massive bears in the world. In Latin we call them Ursus martitimus which means sea bear. They live on the sea ice which makes them different from the rest of the bears. They are very strong in nature and very dominant in their area too.

Ursus martitimus are present in United States where two polar bear populations are present. They love to play on ice and hunt too. They are good swimmers and never judge them according to their weight that they cannot run too fast. The Polar Bears are very fast and they can with the speed of six miles per hour. They use their paws to hold on the ground and run. They use their hind paws as rudders during running.

Their nature is not totally wild they are very intelligent and friendly in behavior. They can survive at the negative temperature also just because of their thick fat layer on their skin. That thick layer of fat provide insulation them from cold and water.

They spend most of their time in hunting and they catch 2 to 3 seals out of 10. They eat seals because they need more fat to maintain their health and to survive in the immense cold weather. And this large intake of fat is so much compulsory for them to live because they will die or face so serious health issues if they will not consume required amount of fat.

They spend most of their time on sea ice, like mating, traveling, and playing, they do all these things on the ice and when that ice melts they feel unsafe and this clear weather also threaten them which is making them the endangered species. When they spend their most of the time on land they automatically feet attracted towards humans.

How much does a polar bear weight?

Their weight could be different from the males to females. Their male carries more weight than the females. Because their life cycle, females need to take care of their babies and so many other things which females have to do.

How much does a male polar bear weight?

The male polar bears carry more weight because of many different reasons but the most prominent reason is that they reach at the sexual maturity late than the female bears.

They live very friendly with each other on the ice by playing and hunting. The male polar bears carry 1700 pounds weight. They show very lazy nature after eating because they need some rest to absorb the food and to hunt again.

You will see the male bears more round and massy with a large head. And their ears look smaller as compare to their head. Now it’s almost clear that how much a polar bear weights because I have told you the ins and outs about the polar bears.

Facts about polar bears

  • Polar bears are marine mammals
  • They can swim constantly for days
  • Unsuccessful hunting
  • Scientists can extract their DNA from their footprints
  • Face more dangers than climate


Marine mammals

They spend most of their time on the sea ice and they love that cold place because they don’t like to live on land. They hunt the seals and love to spend time on ice that’s why they are being called the marine mammals.

And the randomly asked question that how much does polar bears weight is totally clear and those animals called mammals that have hair on their skin and these bears have a lot of hair on their skin and secondly they live on the sea ice that’s why people call them marine mammals.

Good swimmers

Most of the time we think that they are too massy and heavy that’s why they cannot swim properly but this is not true at all because they like your all other questions that how much does a polar bear weight this is also a confusing question for you.

But let me clear this question to you that they are amazing swimmers and they can swim for whole day and they love to do these things because they want to enjoy snowy weather a lot.

When they hunt they move into the chilling water to hunt seals and they enjoy this thing. They always chose ice over land because they have adapted that how to live in the snowy weather.

And their weight is not confirmed that could be different from the one another. So it would be wrong to specify that how much does a polar bear weight.

Unsuccessful hunting

They are very hardworking animals, they wait whole day to hunt seals at proper locations in the cold water. You can assume that they hunt maximum two seals in whole day.

They are very lazy but they try their best to hunt seals because from seals they get their required fat which makes them feel warm and protect them from the immense cold weather.

And how much does a polar bear weight can be decided through their eating habits, like they use to eat whole day and then sleep. That’s why they are one of the cutest animals in the whole world.

They try their best only 2% bears get successful in their hunting but they never quit hunting, they can wait for their hunt whole day in cold.

Easy to observe for scientists

Their nature is not much confusing like other animals, they are very moody and they just go with the flow. They are not much dangerous but if they feel any kind of danger near them then they surely going to attack, because it is their basic instinct to protect themselves and especially their babies.

This is one of the facts behind the question that how much does a polar bear weight because the female polar bears have to protect their babies and feed them on time and they become sexually mature before male bears that’s why they cannot achieve that kind of high mass as male bears achieve.

Female carry almost half weight as compared to the male bears, if male is caring 1700 pounds then the female will surely going to have almost 1000 pounds.

How much does a female polar bear weight?

Female polar bears carry almost half of their weight as compared to male bears. Male bears achieve sexual maturity late and that’s why they get more time to put on much more weight and that’s what they do.

You can differentiate their gender by just looking at their weight because the males will be more round and fatty than females and their ears will be very small as compared to their heads.

Now it is pretty much clear for you to clear that how much does a polar bear weight. That’s why the males show a dominant behavior with the females around them and they attract them with their strength and dominancy.

In the mating season they attract the females through their strength and power. They are very loving and intelligent, so you can make them friends in a short span of time but never ever think to trick them because if they will found you as a danger for them then they could be a night mare for you too.