How To Cross A River In Animal Crossing

To cross rivers in Animal Crossing New Horizons you will need a vaulting pole. We've included steps on getting the recipe and crafting one above. You can also use bridges to cross rivers, more info can be found in our bridges guide. Once you have the vaulting pole just equip it and press A to jump over rivers.25-Mar-2021,

How do you cross a river without a bridge in Animal Crossing?

To begin with, you can only explore a small section of the island, which is blocked off by a river. To go further, you need a Vaulting Pole - a temporary solution until you can get a Bridge.25-Mar-2020

How do you get a vaulting pole in Animal Crossing?

To get this, you'll need to speak to Blathers, who won't appear until you kick off the process of building the island's Museum. Once the museum is constructed, speak to Blathers and he will give you the Vaulting Pole recipe – the reason being that he wants you to collect fossils for his collection.08-Nov-2021