How To Get Ants In Animal Crossing

The only way to get ants to show up is by using Spoiled Turnips. A week after buying your Turnips from Daisy Mae, they'll go bad. Toss them on the ground outside and ants will eventually swarm around them. You can catch these with your Net.06-Apr-2020,

Are ants rare in Animal Crossing?

Ants are a rare bug in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that can show up all day, all year, but require some specific conditions to catch. It's simple, but time consuming.04-May-2020

How long does it take for ants to appear in Animal Crossing?

Normally you'd want to sell your turnips to Timmy and Tommy within 7 days before they spoil, but to catch ants you'll need a spoiled turnips, so you'll need to wait 7 whole days for it to turn bad.08-Nov-2021