How To Get Wood In Animal Crossing

To collect Wood in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you will need either a Flimsy Axe or an Axe (more on crafting those in this guide). Once you have one, equip it and walk over to a tree. Hit the tree with an axe and Wood will come out of it. You can hit a tree three times and get Wood pieces from it.26-Mar-2021,

How do you get wood fast in Animal Crossing?

The most efficient way to get Wood is by hitting trees with an axe.14-Feb-2022

Can I buy wood in Animal Crossing?

Wood can be sold in Nook's Cranny for 60 bells each.

How do I get wood without an axe in Animal Crossing?

Timmy also sells a DIY flimsy axe recipe for about 250 bells. To craft it, however, you'll need wood and a single stone. If this is your first axe though, it's awfully hard to get wood without an axe to create wood. We recommend you simply purchase the flimsy axe outright for 800 bells when you're first starting.20-Mar-2020