How To Make Medicine In Animal Crossing

Shake a bunch of trees, wait for that wasp's nest to drop down, and embrace the agony. Once you've been stung and your face has swollen up, talk to your villagers. One of them will remark on your condition and give you the Medicine recipe. Head into your pockets, and select it with [A] to learn it.26-Mar-2020,

Is there medicine in Animal Crossing?

Medicine is an item in the Animal Crossing series, appearing from Doubutsu no Mori e+ onward. It can be purchased at Tom Nook's Store or Timmy and Tommy's store (once upgraded to T&T Mart) for 400 Bells (1,200 in Doubutsu no Mori e+). Medicine can heal sick villagers and cure bee (or wasp) stings.28-Feb-2022

Can you craft medicine Animal Crossing?

Medicine can be obtained as a DIY recipe after the player is stung by wasps and talks to any villager they encounter. They will give the player the recipe which requires 1 wasp nest and 3 clumps of weeds to craft one medicine.