How To Restart Animal Crossing New Leaf

As soon as the logo disappears you need to hold down the 4 action buttons on your console. This includes the X, Y, A, and B. You'll see a message pop up on the screen asking for confirmation. Select “Yes” and that will erase your safe file from the game and you can then relaunch the game to restart.14-Jun-2021,

How do you start a new town in Animal Crossing?

Can You Have More Than One Island In Animal Crossing: New Horizons? As much as it would be a dream to have multiple islands with various themes, this sadly isn't a possibility in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Each Nintendo Switch system is limited to just one island.01-Nov-2021

Can you restart your game in Animal Crossing?

Even with the new update coming, there will not be as many players decorating their islands at once, meaning if you restart, you might have trouble finding all of those DIYs, items, and even villagers again. That being said, restarting is really a personal decision you should make based on your own play style.01-Nov-2021

Should I restart my Animal Crossing New Leaf?

To reset your save file, follow these steps: Press the Home button on your Nintendo Switch. Go to System Settings. Scroll down to Data Management and then click on Delete Save Data.17-Oct-2021

How do you start over in Animal Crossing New Leaf?

I would have to say you should restart as well. Disliking your house placement is something that would get at you every time you load your game. It's one of the reasons that I restarted my own town. The only thing I regretted about my restart was because I had many favorite villagers.18-Jul-2013