How To Store Things In Animal Crossing

How To Store Items in Animal Crossing New Horizons. You'll need a house before you can store anything, so you'll need to play for a while to unlock it. Once you've got your brick and mortar abode, you'll be able to open your inventory with X and put items into storage.08-Apr-2021,

How do you get storage boxes in Animal Crossing?

It is purchased from the Nook Stop in your Resident Services Building and costs 6,000 Nook Miles. Once you've forked over the Miles, it will be mailed to you and appear in your mailbox the next day. The Wooden Storage Shed can also be bought at the Nook Stop but in DIY recipe form. It also costs 6,000 Nook Miles.08-Nov-2021

Can you get storage in Animal Crossing?

After fully expanding your house to the largest size and paying off the final debt of 2,498,000 Bells, you can purchase a bonus Home Storage Upgrade expansion from Tom Nook for 500,000 Bells. Just select the 'Expand my storage' option when speaking to him.