CUTE BUNNY breed has its roots in the Netherlands, where a Dutch rabbit breeder named Adrienne de Cock, along with the Dutch Doris, bred a large loop similar to the French loop between 1949 to 1950.

Cute bunny

The first Dutch loops after years of electoral upbringing were shown in 1964 and caused quite a stir as they won the honor of the small nipple breeds weighing 2-2.5 kg.

It took 10 years to bring Holland Lopez to Britain through a man from Yorkshire named George Scott. Scott selectively bred his little Dutch loops over the years to create a smaller breed, aptly named the Manicure Loop.

Cute bunny

In 1994, the British Rabbit Council recognized the Manicure Loop as a breed with a maximum weight of 1.6 kg.


Manicure Lips are known for their intelligent and playful temperament. They enjoy playing with toys and living around their family, but if they are not motivated, they will get bored.

Like any rabbit, they can be small and frightening if they are not socialized from an early age, so make sure you buy from a well-known breeder and spend a lot of time handling them.

Cute bunny


The main color variations for the Manicure Loop are Ago ti, Blue, Black, Brown, Playful, Brown, Seal Point, Fine, Fox and Butterfly.


Cute bunny

Watercolor Class Preview

I tell you how to paint a picture of animals from beginning to end

The question is that how to effectively sketch from a reference image

Why draw simple shapes when you first start drawing.

SO Why not make it lighter and heavier when sketching.

Cute bunny

THAT Why is it important that you start with light colors first, and then move on to deeper values.
• How to prepares the texture of animal skins using special brushing techniques

• How to create a focal point to focus on your painting

Cute bunny

• How scanning can help you to see the basic values in painting
• How to paint a negative shape of fur against the background using a special brushes technique

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