Jungle King White Tiger

White Tiger

This animal is a member of the kingdom of Amalia and is generally characterized by a multi-cellular body, special sense organs, voluntary movement, reaction to environmental factors, reactions, and the ability to take and digest food. White tigers are multicellular eukaryotic organisms. With a few exceptions, animals use organic matter, breathe oxygen, reproduce sexually, and grow from empty spheres of cells, the blastula, during embryonic development.

white tiger

Animals play an important role in the ecosystem. some animals help to get nutrients out of the cycle while others help in the decomposition, carbon, and nitrogen cycle.

Three different types of animals exist:

  • Herbivores,
  • omnivores,
  • carnivores.

Vegetarians are animals that eat only plants.

Carnivores are animals that only eat meat

Vegetarians are animals that eat both plants and meat.

Example:- tiger, lion white tiger etc.

Here we are discussing white tiger

Not only are the white tigers incredibly fast and agile to run, but they are also very capable swimmers. The white tiger is a large and powerful animal that can weigh 400 to 550 Ibs – or at most six-year-olds at once. It’s as long as a long, long car, like 10 feet. White Bengal tigers are special because of the color of their skin.

white tiger

The white color is due to the unusual lack of fur, which is found in Bengal lions with orange fur.



1- Rapid growth. White tigers have been observed to grow faster than their orange relatives.

2- Unique stripes. Like all lions, their stripes act like fingerprints.

3- They deepen in the cold.

4- Their white skin is not due to Albanians.

Scientific Name

The scientific name of the white lion is Pantheon Tigers. White tigers are actually albino lions and are rare in the wild because their color makes them very clear to both their prey and other predators.

Diets of White tigers

Cows, oxen, bears, deer, small animals

A lion can eat 60 pounds of meat in one night!

Physical Desription:-

1-Size 2.4 cm-3.3 cm (6.8-11 feet)

2-Weight: 14 kg – 300 kg (309 IBS – 660 Ibis)

white tiger

3-Height: 8 feet -11 inches to 10-feet-2 –

4-Age: 10-20 years

Special behaviors:-

Lion aggression is based on how many lions there are in the area.

white tiger

White lions have white fur because they have special genes.

They mark their area with claws on trees.


– White with black or dark gray stripes.

Blue eyes instead of green or yellow

– The white lion can travel up to 96 kilometers per hour

Because of the color, they can’t run in the woods.

Body functions enable  it to survive Hot and Cold:

The skin of white lions contains enzymes that respond to temperature, causing them to darken in the cold.

white tiger

If a white lion is whiter than its relatives, it may mean that it spends less time outside during the winter.

White lions produce a modified form of tyrosine, an enzyme used in the preparation of melanin.

o Only work at temperatures below 37C

Ancestors of White Tiger

Mohan was the father of many children.

He died when he was about 20 years old

195 He was captured by a Maharaja in 1951.

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