The Great Indian Hornbills

The great hornbills are also famous with the names like great Indian hornbill or casqued hornbill. They are very well known in India and have a lot of cultural importance due to their massive size and special alluring color.

How to find great Indian hornbill

Like many other prominent birds of India, the great hornbills are also the native birds of the forests of India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Sumatra. They are distributed in the Western Ghats and in the Himalayas foothills.

Due to many circumstances, they are reduced at a drastic level and deforestation is one of the key reasons. People of India used to cut the trees and sell them out for the sake of money but they are not much familiar with their importance. The forests are so much important to have many species like great Indian hornbills and many rare species. Their government should take some action against deforestation if they really want to save their rare species.

The state bird of Kerala

There are so many misconceptions in India about the great Indian hornbills that they are very useful to eat and for many other purposes. And due to this, they are hunting these birds a lot. After deforestation, hunting is the second root cause behind the decline in the number of hornbills. The people of Kerala should take precaution measurements to save these birds because they are representing this whole state.

Due to overhunting and the cutting down of the trees the great Indian hornbill has become a red-listed threatened species in India. The government of India should take strict action against the people who are killing them and their habitat.

What is the reason behind the decline of the great Indian hornbill population?

The root causes behind the decline are deforestation and hunting. The Indian government is not taking any strict action against those people who are becoming a threat to this rare species. They should ban hunting and cutting down the forests and spread awareness among the people of India to take care of this specie and don’t kill them for medicine and food.

The great Indian hornbill is now on the red list of threatened species. Many other rare species of India are declining day by day because of the same reason. They should take care of these species which are the gifts of God to them, and they should be thankful rather than killing those innocent species.

What is special in the great Indian hornbill?

They are well known for their alluring and appealing color and their large size. They are also famous for their appearance and especially their large strong beak. Their neck muscles give them some extra strength which helps them to for preying and building nests. The massive and large males also use them in their fights also.

Overall all these are very cute and attention-seeking types of birds and this is the reason that they are the state birds of Kerala. When you will see this bird for the first time in reality front of you then you will realize how fascinating they are, and why people are fond of this bird.

Why do people kill great Indian hornbills?

Hunting is the root cause behind the massive decline in the numbers of the great hornbills. People hunt them for two purposes the first one is for their meat. Many people love to eat their meat and many of them make different kinds of medicines too for different purposes.

And the second reason is their long beautiful feathers. Many tribes take the great Indian hornbill as their holy bird. And they use their feathers for their cultural purposes. These are the two reasons for which the people used to kill these beautiful birds.

Great Indian hornbills as pets

They are rare and expensive birds and they are not easily available in the market to own. But you can get these great Indian hornbills from special spots which are well known for their hornbills trading work. They are on the list of the top beautiful birds on this planet.

Many people want to own them as pets but when they get to know about the size of these birds then they change their mind. If you want to own hornbills as a pet then you should have a look at their giant size too. If it will be suitable according to your home space then you can easily go for this without any kind of confusion or worry.

Is the great Indian hornbill a lucky bird?

According to many tribes, the hornbills are the spirits of God. The tribe of Dayak of Borneo is at the top of those tribes which consider them the spirit of God. According to their belief when great Indian hornbills fly over anyone’s home, it means that a good fortune is coming for them and their bad days are going to turn into the good days.

The flying speed of the great Indian hornbill

As we all are much familiar with the size of their wings and body, due to those massive wings they can fly at the speed of 18 miles per hour.

Some of its types like ground hornbills love to spend most of their time walking on earth in search of food. They live to eat the reptiles like snakes, lizards, and fruits too.

Which type of great hornbill is rare?

Many types of hornbills are becoming rare due to the lack of care and lack of helpful actions. The rarest types of hornbills are the Sulu Hornbills, they live in the Philippines and there are not any kinds of special precautions or protective systems for them. That’s why their numbers are decreasing day by day and according to a survey they are going to extinct very soon.

How many great hornbills are left in the world?  

The population of great hornbills is decreasing day by day because of the increasing population which is becoming the main cause behind the destruction of their habitat and their massive hunting also.

According to research, there is a total of 23,000 to 71,000 Hornbills are left in the protected areas of the world like India and Thailand also.  In those countries where these real birds are going to extinct very soon, they should take some actions against deer hunting and also against the destruction of their habitat which will help them to grow again and in this way their number will increase again with a large scale.

They should also make groups and teams which will guide the people about these rare species that how they are important to living on this earth and through which specific methods they can save this species from extinction.

 Beak of a great Indian hornbill                             

The beak of hornbills makes them different from the rest of the birds that have distinct features. Their   Beak helps them to prey and in building their nests, they use this as a weapon also against their enemies.

They are different from each other because of their beaks, some of them have large beaks and few of them have small. Great Indian hornbills are famous because of their long and dark feathers and their thick and spongy beak.

 The use of the great hornbill’s ivory                            

In the back of the time, the Chinese used the ivory of great hornbills in making beads and carvings which are the most luxurious products and they also used them in making medicines and so many other things that are why in the old times the haunting of hornbills was at its peak.

Difference between male great Indian hornbill and female                                                          

It is not too difficult to differentiate the mail hornbills and the female hornbills because when you will see them then you can easily differentiate them through the size of their beaks.

The males have large beaks as compared to the female great Indian hornbills and the black marks will be in a small quantity on the body of male hornbills but then you will see the female great hornbill you will realize that there are more black marks on their body.  So this was a simple method to differentiate the male and female hornbills.

The great Indian hornbill casque made of                

The beak of a hornbill is made up of keratin which makes it more rigid and hard through which these birds can easily play and can also use this for other purposes to survive in the wildlife.  Many hornbills have casques which make them different from the rest of the species and these spongy structures help them to look more attractive and alluring.

This is a beautiful bird of our planet and we should take it for granted and should take some compulsory and vital steps to save this species and help them to enlarge their number once again.  If we all work together to help the species to grow more in number and to minimize the hunting and deforestation rate then they will easily grow more in numbers and in this way we all will be successful in saving these species from extinction.