What should be your favorite pet? I let you choose

What should be your favorite pet? I let you choose

Let me begin with my own story, I am the owner of three variants of dogs which are quite reasonable to fit as my ‘pets’. Out of them, the German shepherd is the most energetic dog I have. The dog has a bouncing enthusiasm that is un-stoppable making him a proud player all the time. This tremendous urge makes this amazing creature the best learner and a source of utmost pleasure for me.

When it is time to grasp some new techniques, this guy always stood many steps ahead of my other pet animals. The beautiful little pup was able to clench basic household training in just a few days. The dog became substantially obedient in a month only, and now he is moving forward with a perceptible pace.

A Playful Dog

The German shepherd pet is excitable in case of any tournament, and never disappoints his masters. The games like detection, protection, the discipline of tracking objects & humans, and compliance with the commands are the key skill areas of a German shepherd. However, the dog possesses the most expertise in the field of tracking.

The dog enjoys a crazy smile when he drops birds at the feet of his owner. German shepherd dogs perform the collection of hunted ducks and pheasants from fields through great accuracy and pleasure. The dog plays well and senses the situation in no time whenever it comes to annual hunting.

Unique work ethics

The German shepherd is capable of having some of the extraordinary work ethics that make this being a needful addition to government and public works. The dog possesses a strong background in work integrities. The ability to demonstrate the demanding output dates back to the 1800s when the German shepherd was first recognized as the best guide to herd the sheep and keep them off the road and on the track. So that the motive of sheep pasturing can be fulfilled without having a man on duty. The dog had been quite noticeable in keeping the sheep herd out of farmer’s cultivated crops.

Reasons to have a German shepherd pet

Apart from the work specialties, this breed serves as an excellent family dog as well. Below are some of the reasons that you should opt for this dog as a pet for your home.


Their level of intellect is extraordinary; therefore, they serve well as police dogs across the globe. Their detection ability makes them ideal in tracing and tracking missions.

 Respect and protection for their masters

In case someone tries to intrude on your home, these dogs act like a beast for trespassers. They very well recognize their owners and always pay respects to them as caring and loving are some of the built-in characteristics of GSDs.

Packed with High Energies

The high bouncing energy always resides within them, which allows them to stay fresh for a long time. When running on trails for chasing missions and to play with family these dogs always prove to be resourceful.

The loyal breed

Trustworthiness and dependability are present in huge numbers in GSDs. They are always proven to be devoted to the family. The new commands and skills can easily be adopted by them, thus enhancing their talents.

Guarding the Family

The long history of military and police serving tells us that these creatures are stubborn when it comes to the safety of their owners. They show no reluctance in doing their job of guarding the premises they are deployed to.

Wonderful friends

They are not a beast in nature, rather sweet and friendly. German shepherd dogs can be the children’s finest companions. Proper training is essential in this regard; children should not be allowed to interrupt them during their eating time.

A strong health

Compared with other dog breeds these animals have a healthy immune system. Feeding them a good healthy diet with result in their ample nourishment. Moreover, this breed is sturdy enough to handle different environments, this depicts their strong fitness.


The best thing to keep GSDs as a pet is their ability to live and adjust to any sort of lifestyle. The dog can fully coexist with any type of routine his owners may possess. This is the reason these are the most loving pets.

Daily Exercise

It is also known that these dogs need a compulsory exercise of 30 minutes per day. It means that the owners have to take them out on daily basis. This regular workout is in turn beneficial for both the dog and the possessors. This is an energetic dog breed, which keeps his masters active and playful as well.

Conclusive Remarks

As mentioned above, the history of more than a century reveals that the best and loyal pets for family and guarding are the German shepherds. The people who own a GSD should be aware that these are energetic breeds; even if they are family pets they need the space for their vigorous energy. Moreover, the dog is needed to be trained daily.   They are skillful, friendly, and quick learners as well which makes them the ideal companion for your children.

This dog is considered a high-profile breed as it serves in many areas like law enforcement, sporty events, media dog, and other work services. The versatility of this breed is due to its attitude, and intellect. If you have got the right breed of the German shepherd, then you should be ready to enjoy an enthusiastic life with your new friend.


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